Northwood Primary School Awnings

Northwood School Cassette Awnings

The client:

Northwood Preparatory School

The brief:

During term time children are in school during the peak UV hours five days a week. In order to protect children from the harmful effects of the sun, Northwood Preparatory School wanted to create an outdoor an environment that enables pupils and staff to stay safe in the sun.

The Broadview solution:

Following an assessment of the site to ascertain specific requirements, Broadview worked closely with the school to recommend, design, manufacture and install the appropriate sun shade solution. In order to provide sufficient shade for the outdoor space at the school, Broadview installed two 4m by 3m folding arm B28 electric awning systems and these have been positioned over a decked play area to create a long-term shading solution. The B28 awnings are made of corrosion resistant aluminium, are fully retractable and easily activated by the latest remote control technology to ensure user-friendliness. The remote stops the awning at any position up to its full projection. The fabrics used are durable, strong and virtually maintenance free, giving years of service and guaranteed not to fade or rot. Following the initial consultation, the bespoke awnings were manufactured, delivered and installed within six weeks.

The results:

An awning solution was ideal for the school, providing easy use and maintenance while addressing health and safety issues. We are increasingly being asked to provide awnings for shade and solar control in school playgrounds and nurseries. The awnings enable the school to integrate outside areas with the building to provide an attractive and encouraging educational environment whilst protecting pupils from the sun’s harmful rays.


“The new awnings over the decked play area look great! The shade is a wonderful addition to this area and the children can now enjoy an extended outdoor play area and cooler classrooms. At the school we have a responsibility to ensure that the children are protected from the harmful effects of the sun, so providing sufficient shade for the outdoor spaces in schools is very important. The Broadview awnings are a welcome addition to the school.”

Trevor Lee – Head teacher at Northwood Preparatory School

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